Vision & Mission


Since its inspection Bluebirds Technologies works on the "Get More" Philosophy. We always believed to add values of our

Customers Whether it's our employees, business  partners, or end users, Bluebirds technologies always tries to create the

difference  that enables the feeling of getting more from the company. Our Customers Service is always   considered to be

backbone of any company and we mean it. Our Mission is "Every customer should be a satisfied customer".



What is Bluebird Technologies?


Bluebird Technologies is a specialized company that deals in the field of distribution of telecommunication devices such as Mobile

 Accessories, Power Banks , Gadgets, Audio Media, Tablets, Recording  Media & Video Media. The Company  made a soft start with 

only two brands Sandisk & Jabra. Taking this into the consideration, the company adopted couple of more brands such as Joyroom,

 SoundPeats & Tronsmart. BlueBird Technologies takes pride in earning & nationwide distribution network of Joyroom, SoundPeats 

and Tronsmart, Anker, Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Jabra, Sandisk' s  &  Kingston etc. the  BlueBird  Technologies has now successfully 

covered a big part of Pakistan wholesale , retail, online &  Corporate market of branded accessories and gadgets with over  more than

 35 employees, covering almost every region of Pakistan.