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        SoundPeats true wireless earbuds Official Store Pakistan

        Soundpeats true wireless earbuds Buy 100% genuine Sound Peats products online from Sound Peats P Pakistan official store in Pakistan at bluebirds store. Buy online your favorite accessories.


        • Sold out!  soundpeats5,300.00

          Sound Peats Bluetooth HandFree Force HD
        • Sold out!  soundpeats4,800.00

          Sound Peats Bluetooth HandFree Q12 H
        • soundpeats  4,800.00

          Sound Peats Bluetooth HandFree Q30 HD
        • soundpeats  6,400.00

          sound Peats True Air
        • soundpeats6,850.00

          Soundpeats True Buds
        • Sound Peats True Dot5,200.00

          Sound Peats True Dot
        • 5,000.00

          Sound Peats True Free 2
        •  4,650.00

          Sound Peats True Mini Earbuds
        • 7,500.00

          Sound Peats True Shift
        •  8,000.00

          Sound Peats True Shift 2
        • soundpeats6,250.00

          Sound Peats True Wings
        • TUE CAPSULE5,100.00

          Sound Peats True Wireless Capsule
        • 7,100.00

          Sound Peats True Wireless Pods
        • 8,000.00

          Sound Peats Truengine 3 SE
        •  7,000.00

          Sound Peats Truengine SE
        • soundpeats5,999.00

          SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds 5.0

          SoundPEATS TrueFree Wireless Earbuds



          TrueFree wireless earbuds support devices with Bluetooth version 4.0 or above, both iOS and Android, and also other Bluetooth-enabled soundpeats devices.

          Working Time?

          The soundpeats earbuds work 3-4 hours per charge. The charging case provides 4-5 times the full charge for both earbuds.

          Uncovered Case?

          Please rest assured, there are strengthened magnets in both the earbuds and charging case. You will not have the earbuds fall out or missing in your pocket or backpack.

          How to Get Back soundpeats to Stereo Mode?

          – Clear pairing record between the earbuds and all your devices.

          Take out both earbuds and turn them off, press and hold the buttons for the 20s simultaneously until the indicators flash in red and white and go out twice.

          – Place back and then take out both earbuds to have them connect to each other at first, then pair the right earbud to your device soundpeats.

          >>Check the video on this page at the “Related Video Shorts” section step by step show you how to do this.

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